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​Getting Close Desk, 2021, wood and plastic box.

Handmade table with 64 drilled holes, two laser-cut acrylic boxes, and brass hanger. The desk is designed for both freshly cut flowers and soil-based plants.

I questioned how we treat our plants/flowers in the context of working space. The whole story of having plants/flowers grow in our working area has been changed by simply changing the structure relation. 'I felt so moved when my desk was occupied by the grass day by day. I felt I was getting so close to their life.' said Weimin. 


The Radical Care


product and furniture design.

One year research project talks about the interactive relationship between humans and plants under the context of indoor space. Weimin started with the perforated steel path in front of the Rietveld Building ( Gerrit Rietvled Academie, Amsterdam), where she pass by every school day. Weimin has noticed the inspiring relationship between the people walking above the path and the wild grass silently growing underneath. Starting from observing the perforated path, She has developed her research process focusing on indoor plants and how humans interact with them. The project ended with a series of new functional objects to give the user new perspectives of perceiving and interacting with our indoor plants.

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